We specialize in large (15 to 17 square foot) skins from full sized birds. These skins have heavier, thicker and stronger properties


Furthermore, we offer Grades One – Four,

Including hard-to-find Grade One and Grade Two skins which

According to internationally accepted grading methods

, grading depends upon the number of quarters in which defects can be found within the central “diamond” area

(see below).

A defect can be   holes, scratch, loose scab, a healed wound or bacterial damage but must be less than 40 mm x 40 mm in size



Grade One: ostrich skins have no visible imperfections or holes within the cro

wn or the main diamond area. Grade One skins are most suitable for large sized projects.


Grade Two: ostrich skins have one or two small visible holes and/or bruising within the main diamond area. Grade Two skins are suitable for mid-sized leather projects such as boots.

Grade Three: ostrich skins have three to six holes and/or bruising within the main diamond area. Grade Three skins are suitable for smaller sized ostrich leather accessories.

Grade Four: ostrich skins have many holes, imperfections and/or bruising within the main diamond area. Grade Four skins are suitable for piecework which does not require large areas of perfect hide. Grade 4 skins are also used for small craftwork leather projects.

A, B, C, D             Crown or Main Diamond

(Large Quill Area)

E, F                     Lower Belly Flap

(Small Quill Area)